South Carolina Philharmonic

The Musicians

Founded more than 50 seasons ago, the South Carolina Philharmonic has become one of the leading orchestras in the Southeast.

Music Director

Morihiko Nakahara


Mary Lee Taylor Kinosian

A native of Columbia, Concertmaster Mary Lee Taylor Kinosian began studying music at five and joined the Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra (later the S.C. Philharmonic) at fourteen. She enjoyed a successful career in San Jose, Calif. (with the San Jose Symphony, Midsummer Mozart Festival and as concertmaster and soloist with the Redwood Symphony) and Nashville, Tenn. (as principal second violin with Nashville Symphony Orchestra and the Nashville String Machine) before returning to Columbia in 1996. Since that time she has played numerous engagements, ranging from musical theatre to her well-received performance of Kurt Weill's Violin Concerto with the Philharmonic. Her work with the Upton Trio, as both composer and violinist, has been featured on NPR's Theme and Variations. She appears frequently with the Sterling Chamber Players and also serves as the assistant concertmaster of the Greenville Symphony.

Tenured Players of the South Carolina Philharmonic

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Players marked with an asterisk (*) are alumni of the S.C. Philharmonic Youth Orchestras program.

Updated Sept. 2017


  • Mary Lee Taylor Kinosian*, Concertmaster
  • Ashley Horvat*, Associate Concertmaster (Chair sponsored by Bobby Stepp and Meredith Manning)
  • Allison Chetta, Senior Assistant Concertmaster
  • Amy Herin*, Assistant Concertmaster
  • Damir Horvat, Principal Violin 2 (website)
  • Vacant, Associate Principal Violin 2
  • Essena Setaro
  • Susan Cramer*
  • Teresa Curran
  • Kathy de Jonge
  • Pamela Hayes
  • Andrew Lynn
  • Shr-Han Wu
  • Catherine Hazan
  • Sarah Land*
  • Michelle Guthrie
  • Eloise Jos
  • Vacant (3)


  • Jarrod Haning, Principal (website)
  • Scott Garrett, Assistant Principal
  • Audrey Wade Harris*
  • Arthur Ross III
  • Sherry Woods
  • Mark Mooningham
  • Chin-Wei Chan


  • Dusan Vukajlovic, Principal 
  • Ismail Al-Falaqu Akbar, Assistant Principal
  • Heidi Carey
  • Ruth Berry (website)
  • Colleen Marcou
  • Carol Murray
  • Tzu-Ying Liao
  • Ryan Knott*

Double Bass

  • Tim Easter, Principal
  • Maurice Belle, Assistant Principal
  • Jeff Stinson
  • Austin Gaboriau
  • Vacant


  • Wendy Cohen, Principal
  • Cynthia Hopkins
  • Jeana Melilli, piccolo


  • Rebecca Nagel, Principal
  • Petrea Warneck, oboe 2/English horn


  • Joseph Eller, Principal
  • John Bittle
  • Jeremy Cohen, bass clarinet


  • Patrick Herring, Principal
  • Stephanie Whitson


  • Ken Turner, Principal
  • Paula Riddle
  • Martha Edwards
  • Cyndi Williams*


  • James Ackley, Principal
  • Brian Winegardner
  • Charles Polk
  • David Allison, Principal emeritus



  • Ron Davis, Principal


  • Ed Nagel, Principal


  • Chris Lee, Principal (website)
  • Matthew Jones
  • Mary Brock


  • Carolyn Munford, Principal


  • Winifred "Winkie" Goodwin, Principal

Emeritus Musicians

  • David Allison, Principal trumpet
  • R. Douglas Graham, Principal clarinet
  • Maurice Hood, Principal viola
  • Frank Killian, Jr., Viola
  • Ken Klatte, Double Bass*
  • Randolph Love, Trumpet
  • Robert Pruzin, Principal horn*
  • Constance Schulz, Violin
  • MaryAnn Watson, Principal cello
  • Benjamin Woodruff, Jr., Oboe
* in memoriam

Personnel Manager

Music Librarian

  • Benjamin Woodruff, Jr.

Production and Stage Manager

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