South Carolina Philharmonic

Beyond Measure


On behalf of the SCP and our committee, welcome to Beyond Measure: Campaign for the South Carolina Philharmonic.

It's been my pleasure to chair this monumental effort to ensure the financial stability of this orchestra for years to come. I'm grateful for the hard work of our volunteers and staff, and am pleased that we can announce 100% support of this campaign from our musicians, board of directors and staff, which speaks volumes about their dedication to its success.

Won't you join in making a pledge to ensure the future of professional music in the Midlands?

I invite you to review the information linked below about our campaign, including the reasons for our work and what your pledge will do for the SCP. Your support can put us over the top as we head toward our goal of $1.5 million.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to seeing you at our concerts.

Bobby Stepp
Beyond Measure:
Campaign for the South Carolina Philharmonic

An Urgent Need for the Campaign

The South Carolina Philharmonic’s financial vitality depends on our ability to build a strategic initiatives fund and significantly increase our endowment. These funding reserves will allow us to plan for our  future and invest in core programs, regardless of changes in the economic climate.

Currently, only one-third (1/3) of our revenues come from box office receipts and the other two-thirds (2/3) must be raised through sponsorships and individual donations. Our cash flow tends to fluctuate significantly over the course of any given year.

The cyclical nature of the performance season means that the SCP does not have a steady cash flow throughout the year.

Creating an endowment will help ensure the future of the SCP. By diversifying our revenue stream, we will be able to generate consistently high-quality programs and performances. Greater financial stability also will make us a stronger candidate for the investments of philanthropic individuals, corporations and foundations.

A Strategic Initiatives Fund will enable SCP leaders to launch new initiatives identified in our strategic plan, such as upgrading our technology, implementing our professional marketing and communications plan, and reaching broader audiences. This fund will enable the SCP to begin these important initiatives immediately and help our impact grow.