South Carolina Philharmonic


February 14, 2014

Carnegie Hall program makes musicians of Midlands children

New performers join full S.C. Phil for interactive concerts Feb. 19-20, 9:45 and 11:15 a.m.

The Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute (WMI) and South Carolina Philharmonic are teamed with nearly 90 Midlands schools for WMI’s innovative Link Up program, which closes with four interactive concerts next week at the Koger Center in Columbia.

Throughout the school year, students have explored melodic motifs in The Orchestra Moves. Utilizing curriculum materials provided free-of-charge by WMI, teachers guide students in exploring music through a composer’s lens, with students participating in active music making in the classroom, performing repertoire on recorder, violin, voice, or body percussion and taking part in creative work such as composing their own pieces inspired by the orchestral music they have studied.   

The culmination of the yearlong program are the four performances in which 6,400 students have the opportunity to sing and play the recorder or violin along with the S.C. Phil, led by SCP Music Director Morihiko Nakahara and featuring host Kendrick Marrion and other musical guests. The performances often serve as students’ first concert experiences and provide them with the opportunity to apply the musical concepts they studied.  

General admission seating for $10 remains for all performances.

Orchestras from Canada, Japan, and Spain join more than 50 U.S. orchestras participating in Link Up during the 2013/2014 concert season, the S.C. Phil’s third year chosen to participate.

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