South Carolina Philharmonic


October 15, 2013

Review Roundup: "Opening Night"

Opening Night was Friday, Oct. 4 at the Koger Center. It featured the world premiere of Red Maple, a bassoon concerto by Joan Tower (right) commissioned by the SCP (among others) and performed by guest bassoonist Peter Kolkay.

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Free Times

"The performance was worthy of international attention. The strings performed competitively with many fine orchestras, inspired no doubt by the presence of Kolkay, their esteemed former colleague and a world-renowned artist."

Jasper Magazine

"Peter Kolkay is one of the few among bassoon superstars (let that phrase reverberate for a minute) able to fill a concert hall while maintaining a luscious, mellifluous sound. In this respect, Red Maple succeeds wildly."

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