South Carolina Philharmonic

Repertory Orchestra Director

South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestras

Job Description



Founded in 1964, the S.C. Philharmonic Youth Orchestras (SCPYO) offer exceptional orchestral playing experience for young people throughout the Midlands. Each year more than 200 students participate in the orchestras, comprised of the very best student musicians. Membership in the SCPYO program is open to students throughout the state, ages 8 through high school, on an auditioned basis.


Youth Philharmonic Orchestras:

Prelude Orchestra →    String Orchestra  →    Repertory Orchestra   →  Youth Orchestra

3rd-7th grade                6th-9th grade               8th-10th grade                   9th-12th grade

Ages 8-12                     Ages 11-14                 Ages 13-15                       Ages 14-18

Grade 1-2 music           Grade 3-4 music         Grade 5-6 music                Professional literature

String only                    String only                  Full orchestra                     Full orchestra

Salary: $4,000/year



  • Weekly rehearsals from September to May on Sundays from 1:15-2:45 in room 016 of the USC School of Music
  • Three concerts throughout the season, historically one in November, one in February, and one in April
  • Three audition days with the other SCPYO directors to determine members and placement.  The audition days will include two Sundays in May for Strings from 8:00 am-6: 00 pm, the following two Mondays from 3:30 pm-8: 00 pm for Winds/Brass/Percussion, and one Sunday in September from 8:00 am-6: 00 pm for all instruments
  • Collaborate with the other directors to determine and program appropriate music, three to four pieces per concert
  • Knowledge of appropriate repertoire for a full orchestra of this level, and the ability to foster an environment where students will remain and thrive in the program
  • Annually recruit in the Spring for new members of the program by communicating directly with local orchestra directors, band directors, and private teachers
  • Strong conducting skills will be required, as there will be weeks where the Repertory Conductor will need to conduct the Youth Orchestra rehearsals as well


    Qualifications and Experience:

    • A Bachelors or Masters of Music (conducting or education preferred)
    • Two or more years conducting experience
    • Experience teaching orchestra to middle or high school students
    • Conducting expertise